What is life all about?




Thank you for asking that question. It is hard to believe but life is all about learning. Most of the lessons are something that has not been learned in the past (past lives) so it is repeated again. The things we have succeeded in learning we do not have to repeat again. These lessons, the ones not really learned, repeat over and over in a cycle of incarnations.


Question contributed by L.I.

How does one connect to the God within?


Now listen carefully, this question has several parts.

  1. Wanting to look within for God? Most people don’t want to look.
  2. If you find it what do you do with it, bask in it, help others or ignore it?
  3. What will you do, if God wants help in the world?

So to connect is not too hard. It is listening to fine threads of love and knowledge. Everyone has this capacity but few choose to listen or look. Most of the time it is felt as intuition. Sometimes it is messages popping into your head. Sometimes it is a feeling of unconditional love.

Question contributed by M.S.

What about the second/last part of death?


When a person reaches, this which is usually several weeks or months before death, the mind changes. The person leaves emotionally the people they care for and they start withdrawing into themselves. Care givers try to get them to come out again emotionally, but have little luck and no lasting effect on the dying person.

The withdrawal from the world has the effect of focusing the person on themselves. This can be a terrible time for “sinners” or it can be lovely for  those who have lived good lives.

At the very end the persons’ unconscious picks a focus emotion and that can be positive or negative.This last emotion will be brought forward into the next life and experienced intensely in childhood.

The last part of death is wholly out of the rational control of the mind. This last step can be minutes, hours or days but not months.

Question contributed by T.T.

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