How does one connect to the God within?


Now listen carefully, this question has several parts.

  1. Wanting to look within for God? Most people don’t want to look.
  2. If you find it what do you do with it, bask in it, help others or ignore it?
  3. What will you do, if God wants help in the world?

So to connect is not too hard. It is listening to fine threads of love and knowledge. Everyone has this capacity but few choose to listen or look. Most of the time it is felt as intuition. Sometimes it is messages popping into your head. Sometimes it is a feeling of unconditional love.

Question contributed by M.S.

What is the best purpose to have in your life?


This is hard to say because people usually have just a few things they can accomplish in life. If they choose a really fine purpose but can’t complete it, then a negative emotion follows them to their next life. So, a person must choose what is possible for them and what is a good purpose for them.

The best purposes help others or the world. To just help yourself is not one of the best purposes.

Then, a person should have the strongest effect that they can for good. Helping physically is good, but helping emotionally or spiritually has a more impact on others. Helping a person face truths and even hard truths is one of the best purposes, because it positively effects all levels- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Question contributed by B.K.

Tell me about the evil heart?


Thank you for asking that question (Una’s identifying phrase).  The evil heart is a product of pure and total ego, that is concerned only for oneself. It occurs fairly often naturally in the human world and occasionally becomes very powerful. It is these powerful people who are a great danger to the world. When their heart is destroyed, they turn into and reincarnate as various predatory animals. They are not so evil that they go to a hell realm, but if left in the human realm they cause much destruction.

Question is submitted by R.F.